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Beaches & Resorts

Bali is the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia. Bali boasts stunning natural scenery, fantastic cultural and adventure activities, wonderful dining experiences and of course, many amazing Bali hotels, resorts and villas! Whether you are looking to relax in the sun, party all night, climb a volcano, dive a coral reef, or take your yoga practice to the next level, Bali has what you are looking for.

Bali lies immediately east of the island of Java and just south of the equator. Bali is one of the larger islands in the Indonesian archipelago and has a wide variety of tourist attractions. Bali’s friendly people, fascinating culture, spectacular beaches, great surfing and diving have made Bali the number one tourist attraction in Indonesia. Each year Bali receives approximately two million international visitors and many more domestic travelers.


Bali Hotels

Bali’s unique diversity allows you to enjoy sunny beaches, tropical forests, rocky volcanoes, tranquil rural landscapes and vibrant city nightlife - all in a single vacation. The good news is that there are many Bali hotels, resorts and villas, ranging from modern luxury to basic, from full service to self-service in a variety of environments.

The beautiful and dynamic natural environment complements the rich and interesting culture of Bali. Some of the more popular activities that Bali hotels offer include water sports, nature and cultural tours, shopping, nightlife, fine dining and spa visits. These exciting activities are great for individuals, couples or the whole family!

We hope our website helps you plan your holiday and select the perfect Bali hotel or villa. If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our Bali vacation experts.

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  • Ubud Hotels

    There are many things to enjoy about Ubud Hotels, but perhaps the most appealing aspects are the wonderful climate, beautiful natural scenery and charming local people. In addition, hotels in Ubud hotels are in close proximity to a diverse array of wonderful high-quality dining options, fascinating boutique shopping outlets and amazing cultural displays. There is such a wide variety of Ubud hotels to choose from everyone can find something special and appealing. Most Ubud hotels feature lush tropical gardens, classic traditional decoration, lovely views and warm, friendly hospitality.

  • Sanur Hotels

    Sanur is a quiet, laid-back and distinctly Balinese seaside resort town. Many of the Sanur hotels have operated the longest in Bali. Most Sanur hotels have ocean views or are within very short walking distance from the beach. Visitors to this area mainly prefer the charming tropical ambience, individual character and familiar, homey feeling they get only at Sanur hotels. There is a lot of history in this area with many mature, repeat guests visiting hotels in Sanur to relax and enjoy the slow pace and charming, comfortable atmosphere. Staying at any Sanur hotel offers easy access to the sand and surf as well as numerous restaurants, bars and markets.

  • Nusa Dua Hotels

    The largest, most opulent vacation atmosphere in Bali can be found at Nusa Dua hotels located in the Bali Tourism Development Corporation (BTDC) district. This area was tailor-made to welcome and entertain high-end international guests in a beautiful, well-maintained lush garden environment. A wide array of Nusa Dua hotels feature complete, high-quality beach resort facilities and convenient access to numerous activities. Many Nusa Dua Hotels cater to both family get-togethers and to couples seeking a romantic getaway. The BTDC was originally created to promote great tourism and to increase the quality and level of service at Nusa Dua hotels.

  • Tanjung Benoa

    The Tanjung Benoa hotels are generally high-end luxury hotels and villas situated along a narrow peninsula near the beach facing the sea. Nearly all Tanjung Benoa hotels are focused on providing a top-quality resort style experience in a tropical beach front location. This dry, sunny area specializes in providing convenient access to numerous kinds of sea sports and water-oriented activities. There are a number of large hotel chains as well as intimate cottage-style hotels in Tanung Benoa. Tanjung Benoa hotels are often attractively priced and offer complete facilities in a fun location.

  • Tanah Lot Hotels

    Tanah Lot hotels are situated near the ancient sea-side temple in the East side of Bali. This area is quiet and rural, catering to visitors who desire an open, natural environment to enjoy a traditional Balinese vacation. Tanah Lot hotels offer a wide range of accommodation from simple, traditional cottages to high-end luxury boutique spa and golf resorts. Visitors to hotels in Tanah Lot have access to a variety of activities in an authentic Balinese setting.

  • Canggu Hotels

    Canggu hotels feature many luxury private pool villas, charming bungalows and complete sea-side resorts. Canggu is a wide area of rolling traditional rice fields bordered by a long black sand beach with excellent surf. Many guests enjoy staying at Canggu hotels for their quiet atmosphere and beautiful views. Many Canggu hotels cater to families and couples at a wide variety of price points. Canggu hotels are perfect for a relaxing vacation in a homey, rural environment, still relatively close to the shopping and dining options in the tourist centers of Seminyak and Kuta.

  • Seminyak Hotels

    Seminyak is an elegant vacation destination full of fine dining, boutique shopping and a fun, active nightlife. There are many excellent Seminyak hotels located right along the picturesque sandy beach with warm breezes and nice waves. There are a wide variety of villas, resorts and hotels in Seminyak many with full-service spas offering an array of massage and beauty treatments. Seminyak hotels are typically sophisticated and stylish and cater to high-end clientele who enjoy a bit of luxury and pampering. Hotels in Seminyak offer easy access to enjoy some of the best things Bali has to offer.

  • Legian Hotels

    Legian is a small beach front area located between Seminyak and Kuta known for its bustling night life, many shops and restaurants. Hotels in Legian include a variety of large resorts, small guest houses and everything in between. The beach area is less crowded and nicer than Kuta because there is no access for cars. Many visitors appreciate the convenience, modest price and proximity to the beach of Legian hotels.

  • Kuta Hotels

    From top to bottom there is a size, type and style of Kuta hotel to fit everyone. Known for a busy tourist scene and pumping night life, hotels in Kuta offer convenience, value and fun. All Kuta hotels are within a short walk to the beach as well as numerous markets, shopping malls, restaurants and bars. A great place for a lively Bali holiday, touristy Kuta beach caters to guests of all kinds looking for a fun-in-the-sun vacation environment. Without a doubt, the largest variety of tourist attractions and activities can be found in and around Kuta hotels.

  • Jimbaran Hotels

    Jimbaran hotels are well-known for being some of the most romantic and tranquil vacation spots in Bali. With an excellent selection of luxury hotels, villas and beachfront suites, Jimbaran is a beautiful bay with calm waters and fine white sand. The area is famous for wonderful candlelight seafood dinners on the beach. All hotels in Jimbaran are just a short distance from the beach and many famous tourist spots. The high standard of Jimbaran hotels attracts a discerning clientele with sophisticated taste in search of a quiet, beautiful vacation retreat.

  • Candidasa Hotels

    Candidasa is a beautiful, tranquil seaside resort town in East Bali. Known for a relaxing atmosphere and excellent scuba diving, hotels in Candidsa range from austere beach bungalows to private luxury resorts. Nearly all Candidasa hotels have wonderful views of the ocean with towering Mt. Agung in the rear. Hotels in Candidasa are a great base for trips to explore the lush tropical landscape, marine life or ancient cultural sights in the area.

  • Lovina Hotels

    Lovina hotels are well-known for offering a laid-back slice of authentic Balinese life located on a beautiful black-sand beach. Hotels in Lovina are popular among return guests to Bali as well as those seeking a convenient, easy-going vacation environment. Lovina hotels have developed a lot in recent years, offering new luxury resorts, standard Balinese style hotels and basic beachfront bungalows. The hotels in Lovina offer a number of fun activities such as dolphin tours, trips to waterfalls and cheap seafood dinners all in a relaxing, slow-paced atmosphere.

  • Tulamben and Amed Hotels

    The hotels in Tulamben and Amed are peaceful and attractive with a lot of individual charm and local flavor. Accommodation at Tulamben and Amed hotels ranges from basic to good quality and is very private and reasonably priced with cheap, tasty food. The area features numerous picturesque, private sandy inlets and charming rural villages in a relaxing, slow-paced atmosphere. Many travelers come to Tulamben hotels to explore the famous USS Liberty ship wreck and Amed hotels for stunning snorkeling in the clear, shallow water right off the beach.

  • Denpasar Hotels

    There are generally two kinds of Denpasar hotels, hotels newly built by groups or professionally managed chains catering to younger business and leisure travelers and local hotels built to host seminars, meetings or groups. Always of varying in age, quality and type of facilities, Denpasar hotels are typically medium size, multi-story city hotels. Hotels in Denpasar are usually conveniently situated within walking distance of numerous shops, restaurants, banks, hospitals and parks. Denpasar hotels are centrally located with good access to other areas in Bali and mostly mid-range, affordable with good value.

  • Uluwatu Hotels

    Uluwatu hotels are generally quiet, isolated and remote. Most of the hotels in Uluwatu are situated high on a bluff, on a lookout, near a cliff or a short distance from a well-known surf beach. Many Uluwatu hotels are of very high quality and cater to high-end guests, although there is a wide range of accommodation in the area. Hotels in Uluwatu are located in relative proximity to Jimbaran and Nusa Dua hotels. Visitors to Uluwatu hotels are often surfing or taking part in weddings and honeymoons.

  • Pemuteran Hotels

    Hotels in Pemuteran are located in a remote area in northwest Bali close to the West Bali National Park and the Menjangan Island Marine Park. There is a wide variety of Pemuteran hotels, including luxury resorts, basic homestays, bungalow and cottage-style accommodation as well as dive-oriented hotels. The area is wide and dry with beautiful views and nice, fine sand beaches best for visitors who want peace and quiet in a lovely, natural environment. Pemuteran hotels are good quality, clean and comfortable with a range of price categories.

  • Tulamben Hotels

    Tulamben hotels are basic, clean and comfortable and generally geared toward providing scuba diving trips to the nearby US Liberty wreck and elsewhere. The area is quiet and slow with beautiful views of Mount Agung. The hotels in Tulamben are generally located on the pebbly, black sand beach or within a short distance of the ocean. There are not many hotels in Tulamben so the variety is limited, but there are several good quality hotels perfect for a comfortable, relaxing vacation at an affordable price.

  • Medewi Hotels

    Hotels in Medewi are scattered around the area near the mouth of the river that drains into the bay. Most hotels in Medewi are within view of the ocean and a short walk to the stony beach area. Medewi hotels are generally catering to surfers and tourists who prefer a bit of the traditional Bali, far removed from the crowds and noise of Kuta. Most of the hotels in Medewi are basic, but spacious and comfortable. Visitors can easily take a stroll around the nearby villages to catch a glimpse of the local way of life. Medewi hotels are not known for luxury, but are clean, affordable and the staff always smiling.

  • Bedugul Hotels

    There are many hotels in Bedugul situated on or near the lakeshore or perched on ridges on the mountain side. This area is lush and green with lots of agriculture, rice terraces, fruit and flowers being grown nearby. Bedugul hotels are not fancy, but do have a wonderful charm surely in great part due to the incredible scenery in this area. While staying at a Bedugul hotel you can arrange trips to visit old temples and to see waterfalls. The hotels in Bedugul are generally affordable family-run cottages and homestays, though there are some catering to groups as well as a country club for golfers here as well.

  • Kintamani Hotels

    Hotels in Kintamani are located in the area overlooking the massive volcanic crater of Lake Batur or near the lake shore. The Kintamani hotels are mostly simple, but charming cottage and bungalow-style family-run, traditional Balinese operations. The primary attractions here revolve around dawn treks to summit the mountain or as a place to begin a beautiful downhill mountain bike ride. The whole area is lush and fertile and receives a significant amount of moisture. The views from hotels in Kintamani can be stunning. Kintamani hotels are a good place for a couple days at a quiet retreat in a fresh, natural environment.

  • Padang Bai Hotels

    Padang Bai is one of the launch points for boat trips to the Gili Islands, Nusa Penida and other day excursions around Bali. There are a wide variety of Padang Bai hotels, including some interesting resorts on the hilly bluffs around the bay, but generally accommodation here is made up of inns, transit hotels and those specializing in scuba diving. Padang Bai hotels are simple and laid-back offering clean rooms with basic amenities to divers or those passing through. Near the hotels in Padang Bai there are a number of interesting caf├ęs, restaurants and bars. Most Padang Bai hotels also offer transportation, tours, watersports and fishing.

  • Tuban - South Kuta Hotels

    Tuban - South Kuta hotels are located very close to the international airport. The whole area was once a quiet fishing village, but now has a great many types and styles of accommodation catering to numerous tourists. There is a good quality sand beach here with many fishing boats and outriggers parked nearby a long row of beachfront hotels in Tuban - Sout Kuta. This area is very busy and fairly crowded with a lot of restaurants, shops and other activity within walking distance. There is a wide range of hotels in Tuban South Kuta from basic to luxury, old and new, international and Balinese and in all price ranges.

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