Gianyar Hotels

Gianyar is both a city and regency that covers a large area of east-central Bali. Hotels in Gianyar are located approximately one hour from the international airport. This area stretches from a long expanse of beaches and stunning coastline in the east all the way to the spectacular rice terraces in Tagallalang situated in the shadow of the volcano. This area contains some of the most fascinating cultural elements and beautiful natural landscape that Bali has to offer.

The entire area has become famous due to the rich artistic heritage of various villages such as Celuk and others known for incredible metalwork and wood and stone carving. Gianyar has some fantastic beaches such as Lebih and Ketewel, an elephant and wild African animal preserve as well as numerous ancient temples and archaeological sites. Gianyar city is fascinating with many gardens and statues along every street and intersection. There is a variety of Gianyar hotels and different styles of accommodation in this large, diverse region.

Gianyar hotel map