Kintamani Hotels and Accommodation

Kintamani is a mountainous region of east central Bali encompassing several villages spread throughout the vast volcanic caldera and crater lake of Mount Batur. At an altitude of approximately 1200 to 1700 meters, the area contains five active volcanoes covered in rich green foliage with a cool, fresh climate and genuinely stunning views. The area is well known for an active agriculture industry including coffee growing, good quality oranges and producing organic vegetables. There are a number of truly traditional villages here including the ancient Bali Age tribe which have preserved many of the original customs of the local people including special dance, textiles and burial rites.

There are many things to do in or near Kintamani, including climbing Mount Batur peak, downhill cycling tours, boating, visiting the water temple near the lake shore and dining at one of the many restaurants at crater rim to admire the impressive scenery. A number of Kintamani hotels are charming and quaint resorts located approximately two hours drive from the international airport.