Lovina Hotel Guide

Lovina is a tranquil black sand beach area composed of a collection of villages that stretch for several kilometers located on the Northwest shore of Bali. Guests at a hotel in Lovina can enjoy the slow-paced, relaxed atmosphere, in contrast to the south, the sea is rather calm here and also pleasant for swimming, scuba diving and boating. The area is relatively dry and hot and the beaches are made up of lovely black sands that lend themselves nicely to a long, leisurely stroll.

Dolphin watching is a popular activity here, but more than anything Lovina is a pretty place to take in the slow, traditional Balinese way of life and enjoy a nice seafood meal or relaxing massage at a nearby spa. Visitors can make treks to the Gitgit waterfalls, trip to Kintamani Volcano or dive at the Menjangan Marine Reserve. Lovina is fairly long drive from Denpasar, but a lovely trip with gorgeous views all along the way.