Medewi Hotels

Medewi is a small tourist enclave located in the Jembrana district on the way to Negara in the west part of Bali. This area is one of the most sparsely populated and least developed areas on the island. Very much a surfing hot spot, Medewi is a huge stretch of large, smooth rock beach with patches of gray sand. Close to the mouth of a nearby river and home to one of the longest point breaks in Bali, the lack of serious tourist infrastructure means that visitors to this quiet, dry coastal fishing village are generally here for one reason only. It is said that the hot tropical atmosphere, friendly local people and slow-pace of life here is reminiscent of the Bali of many years ago. The hotels in Medewi are simple with basic facilities and of limited selection, however, the relaxing atmosphere and beautiful sunsets are charming and romantic. Your Medewi hotel will be about a two, to two and one half hour drive from the international airport.