Padang Bai Hotels

Padang Bai is a beautiful little bay located approximately one hour and a half drive from the international airport. The azure waters of this tranquil port town are where most people take a ferry to and from Lombok, Gili, Komodo islands and Flores. The main beach is covered with many colorful double outrigger fishing boats with two quiet, hidden coves at either end of the bay featuring nice white-sand beaches and clear water.

There is some excellent snorkeling and diving in this area and there are many tour operators that cater to these activities here. The village is also home to several well-kept temples with the eleventh century Pura Silayukti being the most impressive. There are plenty of charming little bars, small cafes and some reasonably-priced seafood restaurants to choose from along the beachfront. Padang Bai hotels offer a lovely place to spend a relaxing night or two with a range of types and styles of accommodation to choose from.

Padang Bai Map