Tuban Hotels

Tuban – South Kuta is a relaxed and quiet, family-friendly area with white-sand beaches. The area was originally a sleepy fishing village but has since morphed into the home of dozens of Tuban hotels and resorts of varying sizes catering to different tastes and preferences. The area offers a range of attractions, including a variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment plazas. It’s only a few minutes drive from the frenetic pace and often crowded beaches of Kuta and about 10 minutes drive from the airport. The Hotels and accommodations in Tuban range from simple guesthouses to five-star resorts.


Tuban is still somewhat of a retreat from the rest of Kuta and tends to have less noise, traffic and fewer touts. It is easiest to charter a boat to surf the famous Kuta reef break with the fishermen here in Tuban. The area is also great for sunbathing, relaxing massage or grabbing a romantic cocktail with a loved one at sunset.

Tuban Map